Your Guide to the 3 Best Coworking Spaces in Chelsea

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Over the years, the number of coworking spaces across Manhattan has significantly risen. This is not surprising, considering that in the last few years, many employees have adopted remote work permanently or under their company’s hybrid work model. Many have even left their nine-to-five jobs to become solopreneurs or small business owners. 

While this shift has made many people happier and more productive at work, some have pointed out that a work-from-home schedule has led to isolation, a reduced ability to focus, and less opportunity for networking—yes, even in the thriving, professional hub that is Chelsea. 

This is where coworking spaces in Chelsea come in. 

Coworking spaces in Chelsea offer flexibility, a professional brand image, a plethora of amenities, local community events in Chelsea, and many networking opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships. 

For business owners, this means access to a cost-effective, fully-serviced, fully-appointed, top-tier office space without the need for rigid, long-term lease agreements.

Chelsea is home to some great coworking spaces, ours included. But how can you find the right one for you?

The choice comes down to finding the ideal fit for your needs. So, we’ve narrowed the list down to a few of the best options based on defined criteria. 

Why Use a Coworking Space in Chelsea? 

a coworking space in chelsea with phone booths, lounge areas, and communal elements

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, remote employee, or small business owner, coworking spaces can be a cost-effective option for boosting business growth, developing professional relationships, and advancing your career. 

Coworking spaces are like hubs that give you and your team everything you need to work effectively, all in an all-inclusive membership. There’s no set-up hassle or fees. Everything’s turnkey. These spaces are also well-appointed and fully serviced with flexible terms. 

For these factors, coworking spaces can maintain operational agility while providing a workspace where their employees want to be, not somewhere they’re forced to be. And happier, more productive employees lead to better business outcomes.

They also offer a robust infrastructure, both location and technology-wise, which allows you to: 

  • Have a shipping address for business needs 
  • Reduce technology-related lags and downtime 
  • Improve digital communication with your team, colleagues or stakeholders
  • Have access to “outsourced amenities” like restaurants and eateries for client meetings or quick lunch breaks with your remote coworker; accessibility to transit also counts.

Coworking spaces also have community managers who take care of everything on-site, unlike cafes, studios, or even traditional office spaces. 

Printer down? Notify the community manager. 

Need restaurant recommendations to impress a potential client? Ask the community manager. 

Lastly, unlike larger coworking operators, local coworking spaces like Work Better emphasize the importance of community and often take the initiative to make introductions within the community. Local coworking spaces in Chelsea also host many intentional community events—think socials, seminars, and workshops—that connect you to the right people. 

General Tips to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space in Chelsea

five coworking chairs and desks in front of a window at a coworking space in chelsea

While coworking spaces in Chelsea offer many perks, amenities, and features, you’ll want to prioritize specific factors depending on your needs—a small business owner’s coworking needs will be a stark contrast to a remote employee’s. Consider this your checklist when scouting coworking spots!

Tech and Infrastructure

  • IT Infrastructure 
  • Shipping/postal address for business correspondence
  • Day-to-day technology like reliable, fast WiFi and ample plugs 
  • Management and tech support
  • Access to a talent pool via the community (ask the community manager to make introductions!)


  • Flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership
  • 24/7 access
  • On-demand meeting rooms  
  • Tiered membership options
  • Day passes to dip your toes in before taking the full plunge


  • Convenient location
  • Transit accessibility

Features and Perks

  • Open layout spaces and lounge areas to help prevent feelings of isolation
  • Wellness support, which can look like on-site fitness centers or workout classes
  • Conference room capacity
  • Professional and brand-aligned design to impress potential clients
  • Customizability to reflect the company’s brand and values and to fit your day-to-day needs as an entrepreneur
  • Outsourced amenities like transit accessibility, eateries, etc. 
  • Meeting rooms (on-demand capabilities for these rooms may be important to you)


  • Career development workshops 
  • Social mixers and/or networking events
  • Business masterminds and seminars

The Best Coworking Spaces in Chelsea 

Now that you have a better idea of the factors to consider and which to prioritize, it’s time to sift through some of the best coworking spaces in Chelsea


WorkBetter was created with a hospitality-inspired touch. Our team combined excellent service with a close-knit community and a well-equipped, flexible coworking space to best service our customers. 

Our Verdict: Best for growth-focused entrepreneurs, established solopreneurs, and on-the-gro professionals.

IT and Infrastructure 

  • High-speed, reliable WiFi 
  • Professional IT infrastructure 
  • Security and privacy 

Technology Capabilities 

  • TVs with HDMI and presenting capabilities 
  • Ample plugs for chargers 
  • Printing machines 


  • Flexibility with membership tiers plus mix-and-match packages (we also offer day passes, which are helpful for on-the-go professionals) 
  • 24/7 access 
  • Fully serviced with on-site support from our wonderful General Manager, Adriana Madera
  • Multiple stocked kitchens with essential appliances 
  • Premium snacks and beverages (yes, including coffee!)
  • On-site fitness center 
  • Plenty of private phone booths and meeting rooms
  • Cafe and lounge 
  • 14 meeting and conference rooms
  • Private phone booths 
  • Prime location that puts you in close proximity to Union Square (a ten-minute walk), Fifth Avenue (a two-minute walk, the Flatiron Building (a five-minute walk), and Madison Square Park (an eight-minute walk)


  • We host various events, from social events to seminars on specific business growth or career development topics.
  • We also have tons of wellness events to boost your well-being


  • A tight-knit community of industry professionals from the tech, creative, and corporate fields. 
  • Our reviews prove that our staff and members are a friendly bunch.  
  • Our community manager is happy to make any introductions with other members of the community for mutually beneficial relationship-building. 


  • Loft style-inspired design with a touch of contemporary modern 
  • Sleek and polished for an extremely professional image 
  • Exposed brick walls with large windows 
  • Lots of natural light 
  • Open space areas with working desks as well as private spaces for dedicated desks 

Want to see our space and meet our team? Then we’d invite you to book a tour with our General Manager, Adriana, today and see for yourself!

The Yard 

The Yard was created to prioritize authenticity and creative expression. Here’s everything you need to know about their Chelsea, NY, location.  

Our Verdict: Best for creative freelancers and professionals

IT and Infrastructure 

  • High-speed, reliable WiFi 
  • Security 

Technology Capabilities 

  • Printing machines 


  • 24/7 access 
  • Complimentary coffee and fine tea 
  • Meeting rooms 
  • On-site community management 
  • Rotating art exhibitions  


  • A mix of events from local markets to lunch and learns  
  • Events are not as regular as some of the other coworking spaces in Chelsea 


  • Freelancers, creative professionals, and small business owners  


  • Bright, colorful, and kitschy 
  • Displays artwork throughout the different rooms and spaces  
  • Natural light exposure varies by area 
  • Space can feel a little small 

Nomad Works

Nomad Works emphasizes collaboration and aims to attract a like-minded community of people. They aim to balance a laid-back atmosphere and affordability with customer satisfaction. 

Our Verdict: Best for remote employees and freelancers in the digital, small business, and not-for-profit spaces; very early-stage entrepreneurs may benefit from the incubator program.

IT and Infrastructure 

  • A less robust IT infrastructure 
  • High-speed, reliable WiFi 


  • 24/7 access 
  • Shipping/postal address 
  • Complimentary tea and coffee 
  • Mail handling 
  • Discounted conference rooms 
  • Private chat rooms 


  • A well-rounded mix of local art-centered events, wellness workshops, and career-focused workshops 
  • An incubator program for pre-launch, early-stage entrepreneurs


  • A mix of individuals in marketing, web development, and not-for-profit industries. 


  • Contemporary modern with splashes of color sprinkled throughout the areas
  • The space can get congested, as noted by some reviews 

Choosing the right coworking space in Chelsea for you or your business comes back to determining your current and future business needs, location and technology infrastructure, and the community you’d like to be connected to. 

Work Better offers an unmatched combination of flexibility, services, and location. It is ideal for established solopreneurs, high-growth entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking to scale up in Chelsea, Manhattan. 

Our spaces not only provide you with technology and coffee to keep you fueled but also help you foster mutually beneficial relationships, offer career and business development opportunities, and support you on your journey to achieving your professional goals. 

Ready to reap these benefits? Get in touch with us or book a tour of Work Better today

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