About Work Better

Since 2003, Work Better has been in the business of helping businesses in New York City to thrive by providing innovative workplace solutions with flexible terms and a hospitality-inspired touch.

Our Mission

Work Better strives to provide an unmatched flexible office experience for solopreneurs, satellite teams and remote employees, SMBs, and enterprise organizations through the provision of elevated professional workspaces, unparalleled support, and a community that inspires you to come to work each day.

Our Story

The Work Better story began more than two decades ago. Originally named Office Links, we first opened our doors with the vision of offering an innovative new workspace solution for businesses in search of greater flexibility, better service, and access to a close-knit community of like-minded professionals.

In the years that followed, we dedicated ourselves to pursuing that vision, expanding to six locations offering private offices, coworking space, and virtual offices throughout New York City. Each location was tailored to serve the specific needs of the organizations in their respective market.

As seasoned veterans in the flexible office space industry, we eventually recognized the opportunity to focus all of our efforts on our flagship workspace.

Today, Work Better’s Chelsea location embodies the culmination of everything we’ve learned in our journey in flexible office space, putting more than 20 years of experience, learnings, and service at our members’ fingertips in a six-story building that’s entirely dedicated to empowering their success.

Why Choose Work Better?

Member Success

We are committed to understanding the needs of our members and exceeding their expectations at every opportunity.


We offer best-in-class technology and innovative products and services to accommodate the needs of modern professionals and organizations.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We strive to foster productivity for our members with the support of an experienced, hands-on management team offering high-touch professional service.


We operate ethically, we always do the right thing, and we focus on supporting the community both within our building, in our neighborhood, and throughout New York City.