Coworking in Chelsea: The Next Chapter for Work Better

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In the heart of Manhattan, a transformation has been taking place for the last two years with the goal of redefining the essence of coworking spaces in New York City. 

We are proud to reintroduce Work Better, a name synonymous with innovation and unparalleled service in flexible office solutions, as a recommitment to our core mission of providing you with an unmatched workspace experience that inspires and empowers every member of our community.

One Building, Two Decades of Flexible Workspace Expertise 

For over two decades, Work Better has been at the forefront of the coworking revolution in New York. 

Starting as Office Links in 2003, we helped pioneer a new way of working that catered to the dynamism and diversity of the city’s professional community. 

Then, in 2014, we rebranded as Work Better—a name that reflects our deep understanding of what it means to provide a workspace that doesn’t just meet your expectations but exceeds them in every way.

In the years that followed, we dedicated ourselves to pursuing that vision, expanding to six locations offering private offices, coworking space, and virtual offices throughout New York City. Each location was tailored to serve the specific needs of the organizations in their respective market.

As seasoned veterans in the flexible office space industry, we eventually recognized the opportunity to focus all of our efforts on our flagship workspace. 

Today, our Chelsea location stands as a six-story beacon of professional excellence, embodying the culmination of everything we’ve learned and aspired to be. 

We have expanded our offering to include a full suite of services to enhance your professional experience, including:

  • Coworking areas catered to the needs of our post-pandemic world
  • A variety of fully-appointed meeting rooms
  • Top-tier event space available for personal or professional gatherings

It’s at this location that we’ve distilled our 20 years of experience into an environment that’s not just a place for you to work but a place for you to thrive.

With the provision of everything your business needs to thrive, today and in the future, Work Better was purpose-built as a workspace where your organization can scale in place.

Work Better: Discover a Coworking Space Unlike Anything Manhattan Has to Offer

In today’s fast-paced world, the line between work and life is increasingly blurred. 

Professionals want more than just a desk or an office—they want a workspace that aligns with their lifestyle, values, and aspirations. 

This is what you will find at Work Better. 

Our flagship location in Chelsea is built with the mission of creating a space that resonates with the ambition and sophistication of Manhattan’s professionals, offering more than just convenience but a platform for growth, networking, and success.

Elevate Your Workday, Every Day

Work Better’s rebrand is centered around four core values that reflect our commitment to your success.

Member Success

Our dedication to your growth is unwavering. We understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations, offering personalized support that ensures your day-to-day is seamless and productive.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With a seasoned management team, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on professional service to the table. Our expertise is your asset, fostering an environment where productivity flourishes.


In the spirit of Manhattan, a hub of innovation, our workspace is equipped with best-in-class technology and cutting-edge solutions. We adapt to the ever-changing landscape of professional needs, ensuring you’re always at the forefront.


Our ethical foundation is the bedrock of our community. We do the right thing, not just within our walls, but in our neighborhood and the broader New York City community. Your trust is our highest priority.

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Work Better’s Chelsea location is a reinforcement of our commitment to building a professional community that inspires you and provides you with everything you need to improve your nine-to-five and your five-to-nine, all under one roof.  

It’s a vibrant ecosystem of solopreneurs, satellite teams, SMBs, and enterprise organizations. It’s where ideas intersect, partnerships form, and innovation thrives.

As we turn this new chapter in the story of Work Better, we invite you to discover a workspace that redefines what it means to work in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Get in touch with us or book a tour of Work Better today

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